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Pros and Cons of Scratch Repair Pens/Kits

07 August, 2014

It’s disappointing to get a scratch on your car, but many people hesitate to pay the price of professional car paint scratch repair. Unfortunately, although it may seem tempting just to pick up a paint pen or a scratch repair kit at the auto parts store, these carry a lot of risks with them. When […]


How to Stop Rust in its Tracks

31 July, 2014

They key to rust removal is to get rid of it entirely — if you don’t, it will come back with a vengeance, and since it’ll be beneath a new layer of paint you might not see it until it’s already well-established. This job may be best done by a car paint repair specialist, but […]


The Steps of Auto Paint Repair

21 July, 2014

What is involved in auto paint repair? If you need to take your car in for body work, you might be curious about the process your car will undergo while it’s at the body shop. Whether you are having something relatively simple done, such as car paint scratch repair, or a more involved job such […]


Tips for Restoring a Vintage or Classic Car

18 July, 2014

Restoring a vintage or classic car can be a very rewarding project, but it is also a lot of work. A project of this magnitude can mean everything from fixing the mechanical workings to make it run like new, to body work and car paint repair to restore the outward appearance of the vehicle. Sound […]


How to remove foreign substances from your car’s paint

15 July, 2014

As much as we might try to keep our cars clean and unblemished, there are a hundred things that can happen to them throughout the day. Trees drip sap on them, road construction results in ugly tar spatters, and pranksters sometimes egg cars parked outside overnight. The sooner you clean off these substances, the less […]


How to Restore your Car’s Finish with Polish

30 June, 2014

If your car hasn’t been kept garaged, if it hasn’t always been waxed three or four times a year, or if it has seen other wear and tear over the years, the paint may have become scratched and marred over the years. Luckily, most cars on the road these days are modern enough to have […]


How to Wax Your Car Properly

28 June, 2014

Whether your car still has its original paint job, or you’ve had to have auto paint repair done because of a fender bender or other damage to the paint, taking good care of your car’s exterior will ensure that the paint remains in good shape for years to come. The best way to protect your […]


How to Repair Rim Curve Damage

26 June, 2014

Hitting a curb or pothole can be one of the most frustrating things. Luckily, the damage can often be repaired, whether it’s a ding, a scrape along the edge of the rim, or even a bent rim. Some of this damage you can repair yourself if you are especially brave or have some experience sanding […]


Can you do a spot repair to paint a bumper?

02 June, 2014

Bumpers take the majority of the wear and tear on our vehicles. The front bumper of a car especially sees a lot of damage from chips and sandblasting on the highway, and of course both bumpers are susceptible to dings and dents from parking incidents, fender benders, and other minor damage. While car paintless scratch […]


Why do car headlights get dull or yellowed?

27 May, 2014

Are you having trouble seeing the road when you drive at night? Have you noticed your headlights don’t look as clear or as bright as they used to? Modern cars have plastic headlights with halogen bulbs that are replaced separately from the rest of the assembly. While this makes replacing your headlight easier and cheaper […]